14 Jan, 2019
Plan for the week of 1/14/2019

Market futures are down a bit going into tomorrow as I type. Previous support often becomes resistance and the major indexes look to be near a potential resistance point right now.  Volume on the market ETFs has also been declining (See DIA, SPY, IWM) The market may push through this. The IWM (Russell 2000/Small Caps) has been leading the way in both directions recently and I like that it seems to have shown less declining volume than the other major …Read the full article

11 Jan, 2019
Bonus trade update 1/11/2019

My limit order tripped on ERI. I sold my last 200 shares at $43 even.

9 Jan, 2019
Bonus Trade Update 1/9/2019

I sold half my shares (for a small gain) to reduce exposure going into the end of the week.

8 Jan, 2019
Bonus Trade 1/8/2019

Bonus Trade of the week! The market is strong today and I want to trade. I just bought 400 shares of ERI at $41.92. The next resistance in this chart is $45. I’ll probably sell half my position conservatively for 2 or 3 percent.

8 Jan, 2019
Trade Update 1/8/2019

I sold my shares of TROX at the open. BOOM! 5% profit!!

7 Jan, 2019
Trade Update 1/7/2019

I’ve bought a starter position in TROX. I’ll probably add more later in the week if it holds up.

7 Jan, 2019
Trade of the week 1/7/2019

Welcome to 2019! This week, the Market looks like it could move up barring additional bad news. All the major indices (SPX, QQQ, IWM) closed above their 5 period simple moving average lines and above previous resistance levels. While I don’t expect all ice cream and sunshine from here on out, I think there will be some sort of playable move this week. This week, I’m planning to take my shot at Tronox Ltd (NYSE: TROX). I like this chart …Read the full article

2 Jan, 2019
Welcome to 2019

Happy New Year! The market has continued to be very volitile the last few days and volume has been light due to the holidays and the early market closings. We saw the worst Christmas Eve in stock market history and a huge rally the day after Christmas. I have been busy with family and have not had the time to focus on trading. I feel that focus is very important in this market and trading without a solid plan is …Read the full article