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In the Stock Market Garage, we build smarter traders. Our strategy helps us make smart base-hit profits while limiting risk in the stock market. We begin every week with an evaluation of the market conditions and a technical analysis of a stock or ETF that has strong potential. Trade buys and sells are alerted via email. Each trade is documented from beginning to end in the member's area with explanations of every move that we're making. Educational content is also provided to help you tune your skills.

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When you register with StockMarketGarage.com, you'll get our 'Trade of the Week' alerts and access to trade updates. Check out the 'Trading History' page to see how we've been doing!

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At the end of week, I'll discuss my trading decisions for the week. This is my opportunity to discuss any mistakes I've made and reflect on the outcome of my week in the stock market.

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Once you register, you'll have access to our exclusive educational content. Continuous education is the mark of any successful trader and our goal is to mentor you and help you grow as a trader.

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Farewell September and Trade Plan 10/1/2018

We had 4 weeks of trading in September but we didn’t place a trade the first week because our trade didn’t come to us and I didn’t want to force it. I netted about $1362 gains in my Fidelity account for the month. This was a successful month! Market futures for Monday are very green as I type. This is probably due to some positive trade news with Canada. The major markets and the VIX are all near the 50s …Read the full article

Trade Plan for week of 9/10/2018

The market was not strong last week and the major indexes seem to be sitting very close to support levels at the 20 moving average on the daily chart (see SPX, DIA, IWM, VIX), which also happens to be a previous sticky point for many of the indexes (except QQQ, but tech had a rough week last week). Market futures are up slightly as I type. It will be interesting to see how everything fares this week. If the markets …Read the full article

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