8 Oct, 2018

Farewell September and Trade Plan 10/1/2018

We had 4 weeks of trading in September but we didn’t place a trade the first week because our trade didn’t come to us and I didn’t want to force it. I netted about $1362 gains in my Fidelity account for the month. This was a successful month!

Market futures for Monday are very green as I type. This is probably due to some positive trade news with Canada. The major markets and the VIX are all near the 50s on the RSI line, which would indicate that the market isn’t overextended and will have some room to move (in either direction).

The trade of the week for this week is Cincinnati Bell Inc (CBB). If market futures are green going into tomorrow, I will be looking to buy this at near Friday’s close of $15.95.

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