30 Sep, 2018
Trade Plan for week of 9/10/2018

The market was not strong last week and the major indexes seem to be sitting very close to support levels at the 20 moving average on the daily chart (see SPX, DIA, IWM, VIX), which also happens to be a previous sticky point for many of the indexes (except QQQ, but tech had a rough week last week). Market futures are up slightly as I type. It will be interesting to see how everything fares this week. If the markets …Read the full article

27 Sep, 2018
Trade Wrap-up 9/27/2018

I sold my position in EPE for around $2.31. Volume on this trade seemed to be quite low today. I did not want to hold it in the afternoon so I sold it around lunch time. Nice 4% trade! Have a good weekend! We’ll be back to it on Monday!

26 Sep, 2018
Trade Update 9/26/2018

I bought my full position of EPE on the dip earlier today. Now I’m average at $2.22. I will be selling today if I can get 2.5% otherwise, I’ll hold for tomorrow.

24 Sep, 2018
Trade Update #2 9/24/2018

EPE looks a little bit overextended here but I think both the ETF (XLE) and EPE can still go higher. I’m planning to sell the small position I took in the $2.40s if it goes higher. If it goes lower, I’ll add to my position (probably in the low $2.20s or high $2.10s). I think EPE closes the week above $2.40 unless energy really takes a downturn. Energy as a sector, was up on a down day so I think …Read the full article

24 Sep, 2018
Trade Update 9/24/2018

I didn’t get my order filled on EPE but I’ve got a bid in for a small position (25% of full size) at $2.30. If that fills, I’ll see what I can get and probably add more if it goes lower. Update: My order filled.

24 Sep, 2018
Trade Plan of the Week 9/24/2018

The markets are red right now on news that trade talks with China have been cancelled. With that said, I think the pullback is short-lived and the markets are still looking strong. Energy/Oil has been doing great recently and I think it will continue to move up. The free trade of the week for this week is EP Energy Corp (EPE). It has a nice pattern of kissing the 5-period moving average line almost every day so I will look …Read the full article

20 Sep, 2018
Trade Update 9/20/2018

I like this ATRA trade but it has dropped into the close the last 2 days. Stock market futures are green right now so hopefully we get a good day tomorrow! I’m planning to sell before 2:00 tomorrow to avoid getting caught in one of these drops.

18 Sep, 2018
Trade Update 9/18/2018

I sold part of my position even (0%) near market open. I’m just lightening up my position since I got spooked by yesterday’s drop. Green trade as of now though!

17 Sep, 2018
Trade Update 9/17/2018

I bought ATRA at $40.05 today around 12:40 EST, which appeared to be where support was. Following this purchase, more trade/tariff news on China has sent tech and biotech stocks tumbling. The futures are slightly red right now but things may straighten up by tomorrow’s open. I will try to lighten up my position in ATRA if the opportunity presents itself because I’m feeling uneasy with the biotech sector. I think I’ve learned a lesson this week in forcing the …Read the full article

17 Sep, 2018
Trade Plan of the Week 9/17/2018

Last week was a fairly choppy market and futures are down slightly right now as I type. I think that the market still has room to move up but I’m going to trade cautiously this week. I was initially planning to avoid a biotech stocks this week because I wanted to see a more convincing move up from the IBB (Biotech ETF). I decided otherwise because it is sitting just above a strong support level and recent low of ~$116.36. …Read the full article