24 Dec, 2018
Plan for the week of 12/24/2018

The market is closed on Christmas (Tuesday) and we have a half day on Monday. This means volume will be very light for the first part of this week. Market futures are green and these rebound rallies have not been long lived recently. These conditions done give me much reason to trust a small rally into an early close and a day off. This week, i plan to wait for a trade until premarket on Wednesday since i can choose …Read the full article

18 Dec, 2018
Market update 12/18/2018

This Market has been rough. We’ve had two big down days in a row and Futures do not look very green. It would seem that we would be about ready to bounce off of a bottom but I’m not seeing it coming in yet. Let’s just hold off until the market offers some direction.

14 Dec, 2018
Trade update 12/13/2018

I didn’t want to risk my trade going (more) red. I sold my position for a small gain.

11 Dec, 2018
Trade Update 12/11/2018

I filled my order on IBB

11 Dec, 2018
Trade of the Week 12/11/2018

The futures look green this morning and almost anything we pick will most likely gap up before we get a chance to buy it. I think the market overall is in for a short but playable rally. I like the Biotech sector and I think that there are opportunities there so I’m looking to IBB. My stop will be set somewhere below yesterday’s low ($101) and I will try to get an entry below $105. Initially, I’m going to bid …Read the full article

10 Dec, 2018
Trade of the Week Plan 12/10/2018

The market looks to be trading in a range since the large drop in early October. I’m guessing that it will continue to do this until some catalyst exists to snap it out on one side or the other. This isn’t an easy market to trade because it seems that the slightest news can cause huge market swings. I will be very gingerly looking to enter some kind of long position this week but the large moves in the market …Read the full article

6 Dec, 2018
Market Update 12/6/2018

Looks like futures are down again into the end of this week. Since we’ve had a successful trade this week, lets be patient and see where this settles out. Maybe wordpress will retain my spacing now   Test of new code

4 Dec, 2018
Trade Update 12/4/2018

My order on VXX filled at $32.60: I just sold it for about 7% at $34.80.

4 Dec, 2018
Re-Trade Plan 12/4/2018

The Market didn’t go straight up today because the news wasn’t that jarring but we did gap up right into resistance and then rolled off from there. Here’s some pictures of this in the indexes: Check out this VXX, which is doing the same thing, but inverted. I can’t justify going long the market at these levels and honestly, the size of the gap between Friday’s close and Monday’s open has me worried because there isn’t any resistance in this …Read the full article

3 Dec, 2018
Trading Plan 12/3/2018

Market futures are SCREAMING as I type due to some (slightly) positive news on trade with China. This is the type of move that is great to be bought in for but it is almost impossible to trade otherwise because you are chasing it no matter where you buy into it. It just isn’t possible to predict the next move so I’m not going to trade right away. Unless I see something I can’t refuse, my plan is to reasses …Read the full article