26 Mar, 2019
Trade Update 3/26/2019

I’ve bought 200 NUGT and 30 GDX April 5th Calls per my plan:

26 Mar, 2019
Trade Plan Update 3/26/2019

I think I like gold stocks going into this week. Specifically, gold mining seems to be coming through support and it is much stronger than the rest of the market right now. There are some very aggressive 3x ETFs out there, NUGT being one of them. I actually like GDX, which is not as highly leveraged and moves a bit slower. I’m planning to mix these. I may trade options on GDX and buy a small position in NUGT. The …Read the full article

25 Mar, 2019
Trade Plan of the Week 3/25/2019

Friday was a bloodbath in the market. We finally broke through the resistance band around 2815 on the SPX mid-week last week and then immediately pulled back down just below it. As you can see from the chart below, this area has been a popular support level over the past 6 months or so. Keep an eye on this area this week. If the SPX begins to gain negative momentum here, it could easily fall through support and keep falling. …Read the full article

22 Mar, 2019
Trade Wrap-up 3/22/2019

I’ve sold my PZZA. I sold half wednesday at $47.20, 25% premarket today for $48.75, and 25% after the market open today for $49.20. This turned out to be a nice trade this week…it just took all week to get there.

18 Mar, 2019
Trade Update 3/18/2019

I’ve now bought my full position. 400 shares at an average of $47.07.

18 Mar, 2019
Trade Plan of the week 3/18/2019

We’re still playing with the same resistance level that we have been working through the last few weeks. If I’m betting, I think that we get a green market this week. I’ve got a stater position in PZZA. I’ll be adding to it before the end of the day if all looks good.

15 Mar, 2019
Trade wrap up 3/15/2019

I sold MJ premarket for enough profit to cover my trading fees…

12 Mar, 2019
Trade Update 3/12/2019

Unfortunately, CGC took off without us. I wish I had been watching it so I could have bought in mid-run. I’m not willing to chase it now. As an alternative, I bought MJ, which is a Marijuana ETF. I only bought half size right now.

12 Mar, 2019
Trade Plan of the Week 3/11/2019

I did not place a trade today. With last week being the worst trading week so far in 2019, there wasn’t much on the momentum scanners and it wasn’t clear what the market was going to do. Boeing had bad news this week, which also threw off market futures on the dow so futures were very spread. The market crushed it today. +40 points on the S&P. I think this is a good sign that we will test the 2800 …Read the full article

5 Mar, 2019
General Market Thoughts and Trade Plan Continued 3/5/2019

All, The market is teetering in a very awkward spot. Check out this chart of the SPX and notice that the double-top is right at the line where we’ve previously stopped. This is a perfect example of how a previous peak becomes resistance: The IWM shows a different pattern. Note that there aren’t crisp peaks at resistance, but rather, lower peaks and then a test of resistance from last week: We won’t sit here forever and either the buyers or …Read the full article