30 Nov, 2018
Trade Update and weekly wrap-up 11/30/2018

I sold the rest of my IONS, unfortunately near the low of the day, at $56.98/share. Nice to end the week on a green note!

29 Nov, 2018
Trade Update 11/29/2018

I bought 300 more IONS at $55.85 earlier this week. I just sold 250 shares at $58.30 to reduce risk going into the end of the week. Nice trade!

26 Nov, 2018
Trade Update 11/26/2018

IONS looks strong today. I’m bidding a half position at $55.70. Edit: I bought part of my position at $56.14. Still looking to buy the rest at $55.70. This is probably chasing a bit so would like to trade small for now.  

26 Nov, 2018
Trade of the Week 11/26/2018

Welcome to our new Digs! We’ve been working over the past few months to upgrade the website and member’s area. Please bear with us as we get moved in!   I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful time with friends and/or family.   As I reflect on how we’ve been trading this month, I’ve noticed that we need to be more patient in this market on Monday morning. In a strong market, playing the morning …Read the full article

14 Nov, 2018
Trade Update 11/14/2018

I sold my shares for a significant loss this week. My average is somewhere around $6.00. Ug. Another bad day in the markets.

14 Nov, 2018
Trade Update 11/14/2018

My order filled on CRBP at $6.54. Unfortunately, $6.40 support was broken later today as it dropped with the market. I’ll be looking to lighten up my position a bit if I get the opportunity.

13 Nov, 2018
Trade Update 11/13/2018

The Market overall really got crushed today (More than I expected) and even though my pick was up, I didn’t get the price I wanted, so it’s made me reconsider buying something that may be getting overextended. While I like the upward trend in FRED and I really like that it was up on a down day, we crossed above 70 on the RSI line and the history from the last 6 months doesn’t show good things when that happens… …Read the full article

12 Nov, 2018
Trade of the week 11/12/2018

I don’t have a ton of confidence in this market right now. It’s still very choppy and it isn’t really clear which direction we’ll go. Market futures are mixed as I type. My read on the charts right now is that I think we’ll see a bit of red near the beginning of the week. The major indexes are not showing much volume (~2/3 of average and well less than during the drop). This is not too surprising because it …Read the full article

8 Nov, 2018
Trade Update 11/8/2018

GOL isn’t moving up like I expected it to. I’m closing it out even to avoid the risk of a loss if it drops. This is a bit disappointing because I feel like it’s still trending up…just not quickly.

6 Nov, 2018
Trade Update 11/6/2018

I sold 1500 shares of GOL near the open for an average of $10.22/share. Nice 5.8% on this part! I’m holding the last part to see what it does.