29 Apr, 2019
Trade Plan of the Week 04/09/2019

I don’t really like the market conditions right now. Since we’re so close to all-time highs, most things seem to be stalling some and I don’t like the lack of momentum. For for this week pick, I’m watching DBX but I don’t like it unless it gets below $24.

22 Apr, 2019
Trade of the week 4/22/2019

I don’t really like what I’m seeing in the market today and I’ll probably hang tight and watch things develop. We are very near all time highs in the major indexes and the market seems to be moving slower. RSI is high overall. There isn’t much momentum in these conditions. My goal for today is to get out of the TEN trade from last week. I did not realize that the market was closed on Friday for good Friday, so …Read the full article

15 Apr, 2019
Trade Plan of the Week 4/15/2019

Happy Tax Day! Last week, our pick was RH and it had a great week! Unfortunately, I didn’t get in on that because I didn’t get the price I wanted. I didn’t want to chase it but in not chasing, I lost out on a nice move. This is ok. I would rather watch a stock that I didn’t buy run than watch one that I did buy fall. The Market is getting closer and closer to all time highs …Read the full article

9 Apr, 2019
Trade Plan of the Week 4/9/2019

I’ve been bad about updated the posts for the last few weeks. I bought 2300 shares of KPTI last week at $5.89 average and sold them in 2 separate parts for an average of $5.69. I don’t feel like the momentum scan or the market has really been doing me any favors recently, so I’m going to try changing a couple things for this week. As the SPX gingerly approaches an all-time high, RSI is also very high. These two …Read the full article

1 Apr, 2019
Trade Plan of the Week 4/1/2019

Happy April Fools Day (and Happy April)! The market has been still fairly stagnant and I plan to be cautious going into this week. I feel like a bit of a broken record on this one as we have been ‘cautious’ for the past 2 months while the market has been slow. The nice thing about this condition is there isn’t much that’s over-extended. RSIs are generally low. However, momentum is hard to find in this market and it seems …Read the full article