31 Oct, 2018
Trade Update 10/31/2018

I sold my full position in GUSH for a small gain. I sold part near the open at 22.50 and the remainder just now at 22.48. After a pre-halloween scare, I’m really glad to be out of this one. Cheers!

29 Oct, 2018
Trade Update 10/29/2018

Futures have turn green overnight and I did not want to miss out on a move in crude. I bought in to GUSH (small 1/3 position) at $22.40 premarket. I will check this around lunch time and buy more if it goes lower.

29 Oct, 2018
Trade of the week 10/29/2018

I think there’s a good chance that we get a small rally this week. This may be just into November but should be a tradeable rally. I’m watching the IWM and the SPX for a signal of going higher short-term. If oil looks like it’s bottomed, I’ll most likely look into GUSH or another oil ETF. This Market is very unpredictable right now and I am being extra careful. The Futures are mixed as I type so I most likely …Read the full article

25 Oct, 2018
Trade Update 10/25/2018

I’ve decided not to let this trade go negative on me. I sold the rest of my position at $43.66.

24 Oct, 2018
Trade Update 10/24/2018

I sold half of my position near the market close. Filled @ $44.80 for almost 3%!

22 Oct, 2018
Trade Update 10/22/2018

No order filled at $43.50 per the plan!

22 Oct, 2018
Trade Plan 10/22/2018

We had very choppy markets last week and I don’t expect the seas to instantly calm this week. With that said, the major indexes seem to have pulled back to and bounced off of a lower trend line that I’ve illustrated here on the DJIA: In addition, RSI has come back down to a more reasonable level overall (45.8 for the DJIA). These are both signals that I look for to indicate green markets but I do expect continued chop …Read the full article

19 Oct, 2018
Trade Wrap-up 10/19/2018

I sold my remaining shares of SCVL for a small profit. My sell prices on the remaining half that I just sold today are half at $38.32 and half at$38.83. I’m glad to get out this week with a profit. The markets have been whip-sawing and this trade has not been behaving as well because of that. Have a good weekend! We’ll get back to it next week.

17 Oct, 2018
Trade Update 10/17/2018

I sold half of my position for even money today to reduce risk going into the latter half of the week.

15 Oct, 2018
Trade Update 10/15/2018

My order filled at $38.31 per the plan. The trade is looking good so far!