31 Jan, 2019
Trade Update 1/31/2019

I sold ALXN. Great month!

30 Jan, 2019
Trade Update 1/30/2019

I bought 50 more shares of ALXN at $118.39

28 Jan, 2019
Plan of the week 1/28/2019

The market is set to pull back this morning. After a gap up on Friday, most of my stocks to watch are a bit overextended anyway, so a pullback should bring them down to levels where I’d be interested in buying. Overall, I’m curious how long this rally can be sustained and I will be quicker to jump out of a trade with a profit if I feel like the market isn’t going to take care of me. I’m watching …Read the full article

25 Jan, 2019
Trade Wrap-up 1/25/2019

I sold my BHF at the open at $36.83. Another winner this week! +4.4%

23 Jan, 2019
Trade Update 1/22/2019

I bought 600 shares of BHF in 2 different lots. Average price is $35.27

22 Jan, 2019
Trade Update 1/22/2019

The market is getting crushed today and BHF is falling with it. I’m going to wait until tomorrow to try to trade. Maybe that will allow things to stabilize a bit. I don’t trust myself to try to catch the bottom on this.

22 Jan, 2019
Trade Plan of the Week 1/22/2019

We have a short week this week with the Martin Luther King Jr. day on Monday. I’m going to trade cautiously at the beginning of the week because I think the market overall is approaching pullback territory. The SPX is right near 2650 which was support at the end of 2018 and is where it stalled before the large December drop. With that said, the market doesn’t feel overextended. The RSI of the S&P 500 is 61.98 on the daily …Read the full article

18 Jan, 2019
Weekly wrap-up 1/17/2019

My limit sell order tripped at $19.00 today. This was a strong trade. It has been grinding up all week with very little pullback and I think it has a good chance of continuing. It hit high of day near the close, which is also a strong sign. Nice trading! +3.2%

15 Jan, 2019
Trade of the week update 1/15/2019

I’ve bought 400 more shares of EQH. Volume looked good yesterday and the markets appear to be coming online.

14 Jan, 2019
Trade of the week update 1/14/2019

I bought 500 shares of EQH at 18.33. I will add more if I like what I see later this week.